Torrin - A voice in paint

Torrin's narrative is inspired by the power of Orkney's landscape, a landscape that historically has demonstrated the power to both give and to take away; solace and tranquility are given in abundance but life can be taken away instantaneously as the power of the sea has so frequently demonstrated over centuries. Orkney is a seafaring place, and living both in close proximity to and on the sea inspires Torrin, as do the great reliefs of the landscape and the huge open skies that provide a breathtaking backdrop of colour.  In our world, we are led to believe that you cannot choose your own path, however the natural world is a great leveller, and through it the message that you have as much worth as the next person is reinforced. Torrin is formally untrained in art, but the ancient landscape and history of Orkney speaks to him, inspiring him to believe in his own self worth. Having been painting and drawing from an early age, the next step was to be brave and communicate to a wider world where his vocal difficulty is irrelevant. It was an enormous step to take his artwork to a gallery for feedback, and he was beyond delighted to have his work accepted for a public showing in his home base, Stromness, Orkney, particularly as he is keenly aware of the number of artists who are resident in his new home, and the high standard of work that they contribute. 

This is the start of a very bold and exciting new journey for Torrin and he very much hopes that you will find inspiration and enjoyment in his work, and that it may at the very least prompt you to visit this beautiful and remarkable archipelago, but also to perhaps find new direction, as he did, or to find a piece from his personal journey that speaks to you and enables you to hang a deep breath and a moment's tranquility on a wall, wherever you call home. 


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